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My name is Miriam Marilisa Trautwein but you can call me Mara since that’s the nickname I grew up with. I am a Registered Dietitian (RD). I studied Nutrition & Dietetics in The Netherlands where I graduated in March 2019 with a BSc. In Nutrition & Dietetics after 4,5 years of studying. In my study, I choose to specialize in the field of clinical nutrition. I also took extra courses like Online lifestyle coaching, cooking instructor, Nutrition and sports, and Medical English and I worked on projects about Malnutrition and the Low-FODMaP Diet in Belgium. During my study, I gave up my student home in the Netherlands and then lived for half a year in Indonesia where I volunteered at the Kolewa Foundation in Bali. I also traveled to Indonesia while working a lot on self-development and learning about different cultures. Coming back from Indonesia I moved to Germany again. Nationality-wise, I am half Dutch, and half German & I grew up multilingual (NL/DE).

In January 2016, I decided to go plant-based because of personal health struggles (including IBS, SIBO & Leaky gut). I made the switch overnight and stuck with it ever since because my health issues and overall health improved. The switch to a plant-based diet made me have an extra critical view and question everything I learned during my study and elsewhere. I did lots of self-study to answer the questions that came to my mind. It left me with an all-time strong desire to research and figure out everything by myself and not just blindly believe the statements of others. Therefore, I also tried many (plant-based) diets and fasting methods by myself to gain experience too. I am very passionate about lifelong learning.

On a more personal note, I love being creative in many different ways. This plays a huge role in how much I love experimenting in the kitchen to develop new recipes. I also love to express my creativity in photography, producing content, and more. Besides that, I am very passionate about exploring the world, other cultures, and nature in general. I am quite an active person and never get bored. In 2020 I experienced a lot of personal growth again and developed personal coping mechanisms to deal with many life situations, be happier overall, and find more peace, even in chaotic times.



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